Friday, December 30, 2011

New Year's Eve: don't buzz and drive

This New Year's Eve AAA is giving "Tipsy Tows" rides to anyone who calls (800) 400-4AAA, even they are not members of AAA. What's a "Tipsy Tow"? A free tow to the driver's residence of up to 7 miles away.
Also if you call  1-800-522-9955. you'll get free  van and sedan rides from Galpin Ford and Jackson Limousine Service,  within the L.A. basin,(within 10 miles).
Have a marvelous and safe New Year's Eve party !

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Happy New Year 2012!

Here's to the bright New Year, and a fond farewell to the old; here's to the things that are yet to come, and to the memories that we hold. Cheers to a New Year and another chance for us to get it right!
Happy New Year 2012!

Another one with Romanians via

According to Fox News:
"A federal grand jury indicted six foreign nationals on charges that they defrauded hundreds of customers out of more than $4 million in bogus Internet car sales, federal prosecutors said Thursday"
And the "surprise" :
"The six defendants -- from GermanyRussiaRomania and Latvia -- are accused of collecting payments from hundreds of would-be buyers nationwide, siphoning millions of dollars to Europe and never delivering a vehicle, the indictment said."
Who would've believed that Romanians would do such thing(sarc)?

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Thursday, December 29, 2011


Well...I would say:
    - City employees...hmm, 2 hours
    - State employees...1 day
    - Federal employees- Hey, we inherited this from Bush !!!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Friday, December 23, 2011

Shortcuts: The Gift of Giving - via "Layaway Angels"

The holiday spirit is gaining momentum because of a movement sweeping the country. Strangers, dubbed “layaway angels,” are spreading acts of kindness, going into stores that offer layaways and paying them off.
Thank you for restoring our faith in human kindness and in what this season is really about.

Complete Strangers Touched By Altruistic "Layaway Angels"

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Shortcuts - SciTech

Apple Wins Patent Dispute, HTC Phones Banned From Store Shelves

"Apple spokeswoman Kristen Huguet reiterated an earlier statement, saying competitors should create their own technology."

AT&T Agrees to Drop Bid for T-Mobile

""Bernstein analyst Craig Moffett said the announcement was "a bit of an anticlimax."
"This is like receiving the divorce papers for a couple that's been separated for years," he said.""

Good. AT&T can suck it. Whatever the future holds for T-Mobile at this point might be uncertain, but whatever. For now I'm pretty freaking happy using their services. Seriously, I think my $49.99/mo plan, for pretty much unlimited everything and with a sane customer service system even, is great.

Cruising through LA - 15

LAPD Bicycle Unit! :)


 "I don't really think, I just walk."-Paris Hilton, THE blonde on her technique on the red carpet

Best resume ever! 

How babies will be born in future....via Funny Pictures 
There would be in 3 category
packages available, each baby will be inplanted with microchip

1) Super Deluxe Package - Memory 100 TB with complete Wikipedia
2) Deluxe Package - Memory 75 TB with headlines only from Wikipedia
3) Class Package - Memory 50 TB with general knowledge no Wikipedia
*Memory TB = Trillion Bytes

"Jim, Jack, Johnny Red, Johnny Black and Jose; all my favorite men. You can have it any way you like it, as long as it's...more?" -Coyote Ugly

Auch, me too!:))

Cruising through LA-14

Safety 1st!:)

Monday, December 12, 2011

Shortcuts - The Gift of Giving

"A wise woman who was traveling in the mountains found a precious stone in a stream. The next day she met another traveler who was hungry, and the wise woman opened her bag to share her food. The hungry traveler saw the precious stone and asked the woman to give it to him. She did so without hesitation. The traveler left, rejoicing in his good fortune. He knew the stone was worth enough to give him security for a lifetime. But a few days later he came back to return the stone to the wise woman.
"I've been thinking," he said, "I know how valuable the stone is, but I give it back in the hope that you can give me something even more precious. Give me what you have within you that enabled you to give me the stone."  

"The Wise Woman's Stone" 
 Author Unknown

My special friend Dany tries to help Alexandra to smile again. There is nothing better than to see a smile on a child's face.  Here's the full story. Via Dany

Also don't forget to vote for Liviu, a romanian physics professor from Indiana. He's trying to
"Take The Power of Physics Show to the next level!". Here you can vote .Via Cristina

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Despre misiunile "diplomatice" romanesti - azi Consulatul Romaniei la New York

"Azi am ajuns din nou în locul meu favorit, consulatul României.
Tipul de la ghișeu îi dă doamnei niște acte, avea nevoie de trei foi notarizate. Doamna le ia, se uită pe ele, ceva nu era în neregulă cu două, lipsea whatever. Băiatul zice
– Okay, poate puteți să o notarizați măcar pe aia care este în regulă.
– Nu, nu îți mai notarizez nimic.
– Doamnă, vă rog frumos, nu pot veni săptămâna viitoare, încep chimoterapie, nu mai pot veni…
– Nu, azi nu e program cu publicul, nu îți notarizez nimic.
– Doamnă, mai devreme ați spus că mă ajutați, mi-ați dat să completez…
– Program cu publicul este Luni, Marți și Joi. Vino atunci.
Ce bine că e un geam între mine și doamnele de la ghișeu, înseamnă că nu pot să mă scuipe în față...."
Asta scrie Vivi pe blogul lui despre Consulatul Romaniei la New York. Il simt dezamagit si scarbit, dar pare determinat sa ia atitudine! 
Desi eu am avut o experienta placuta la Consulatul Romaniei la Los Angeles, probabil ca per general situatia sta cum a descris-o Vivi! 
Mentalitatea de "functionar public roman=sheful absolut" se pare ca face legea in interiorul consulatelor romanesti. Customer service? Ce gluma buna! La Consulatul Romaniei in NY customer service-ul  exceleaza prin absenta! 
Si chiar daca Vivi nu da vina pe ele, ca deh, atata stiu-atata fac, io sunt putin mai acida si le gasesc vinovate de nesimtire. Sunt convinsa ca nu le statea nimeni cu pistolul la cap cand il repezeau pe acel domn. 
Ii indemn pe romanii din US sa-si povesteasca experientele lor la misiunile diplomatice romanesti cu care au avut tangenta! Poate reusim sa schimbam ceva in mentalitatea celor pusi acolo sa ne ajute, nu sa ne trateze cu superioritate!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday Deals

I'm still awake at this hour because I just got home from my friends house, where we had our Thanksgiving turkey dinner. So I cast an eye over Black Friday offers. The only thing I needed at this moment was a new cellphone. So I went straight to Yep, that's the website I use when I want the best deals. Again, it did not disappoint me at all. Also for a quick view for the best Black Friday deals check out this website

Good luck and happy shopping!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving America!

Wishing you peace, love and happiness. on Thanksgiving and always!
Have a blessed and... Happy Thanksgiving America!

The Thanksgiving Story:

Most stories of Thanksgiving history start with the harvest celebration of the pilgrims and the Native Americans that took place in the autumn of 1621. Although they did have a three-day feast in celebration of a good harvest, and the local natives did participate, this "first thanksgiving" was not a holiday, simply a gathering. There is little evidence that this feast of thanks led directly to our modern Thanksgiving Day holiday. Thanksgiving can, however, be traced back to 1863 when Pres. Lincoln became the first president to proclaim Thanksgiving Day. The holiday has been a fixture of late November ever since.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

You know you’re from Los Angeles when…

You make over $250,000 a year and still can’t find a house.
Your child’s third grade teacher has purple hair, a nose ring, and is named Breeze.
Your car insurance is as much as your house payment.
It’s sprinkling out, and there’s a report on every news channel about “STORM WATCH!”- Sooo true!!!:)))
You begin to "lie" to your friends about where you are (i.e. "Yeah I'm like 20 minutes away") - when you know that it'll take you at least an hour to get there).
You eat a different ethnic food for every meal.
You know it's best not to be on the 405 at 4:05 pm.
You know what "PCH", and "the five" mean.
Your pizza delivery guy is also on contract with Warner Bros.
If your destination is more than 5 minutes away on foot, you're definitely driving.
Your TV show is interrupted by a police chase.
You can't fall asleep without the lull of a helicopter flying overhead.
You don't stop at a STOP sign, you do a California Roll.

Do you understand the phrase “get work done” to mean “have plastic surgery” rather than “accomplish something"
You valet your car for the peace march
You've lost your car in the Century City Shopping Center parking lot.
You think that Venice and Manhattan are beaches.
You drive next to a Rolls Royce and don't notice.
You have a favorite Thai restaurant.
When giving directions, you follow up with the phrase: "With/Without traffic."
Driving along, you see a high-speed police chase approaching in your rear view mirror. You don't panic or even flinch. Instead, you call your friends on your cell phone and tell them you're on TV.
You know that if you drive one mile in any direction you will find a McDonald's or a Starbucks.
You live 10 miles from work. It takes you 60 minutes to get home.
You are not happy, or even slightly exited that there may be a movie star there. You just say, "They better not be blocking my parking space."
You personally know at least 5 people with agents.
You know what In N Out is and feel bad for all the other states because they don't have any.
You've gotten parking tickets from parking in the red zone in front of your house.
The guy at 8:30 in the morning at Starbucks wearing the baseball cap and sunglasses who looks like George Clooney IS George Clooney.
The workday starts at 10am...or whenever you get out of your therapy session.
Any invitation comes with, "Starts at 8pm or as soon as you can get through traffic."
You have never met a waiter that wasn't really an "Actor."
You call 911 and they put you on hold.
The three-hour traffic jam you just sat through wasn't caused by a horrific 9-car pile-up, but by everyone slowing to rubberneck at a lost shoe lying on the shoulder.
All the "cool gyms" allow pedestrians on the street a full-view of those working out. Literally, you can’t drive by Wilshire without staring into L.A. Fitness. Perhaps a new form of window-shopping?
A really great parking space can move you to tears.

As one writer puts it: “LA
 is not just another city, it’s another planet.”

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Google's new trick: "Do a barrel roll"

Type in Google "Do a barrel roll" and get ready to take a spin for a few seconds. That's pretty awesome.

Facts: "Do a barrel roll" is a catchphrase used to call on someone to perform a 360 degree horizontal spin.

Memories from 2011

2011 is drawing to a close. I know, there are still two shopping months left:)
For me 2011 was a crazy year: Interesting, Hard, Frustrating, Confusing, Devastating, Beautiful, Amazing, Eye-opening, Hot, Cold and Alive! It was weird. It was so weird that I think now perhaps all the things I presumed about future is unlikely. It was the year I realized that I had never died before.
This was the year when I first realized that I’m getting older and older and there is no way back. 
There are few lessons that stand out for me this year:
The sky is not the limit - there is something above and beyond it!(literally)
Life hands you  a chance when you least expect it! (really)
Fun isn't just an option.
I haven't arrived yet!
Everyone needs a cheerleader.
Laser - like focus.
It's my turn to be the expert.:)

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Oldies but Goldies-The Beatles

Although I have always loved the rain, my heart is really full of joy when the sun shines.