Wednesday, March 21, 2012

21 Jump Street - L.A. Premiere

Because it was Tuesday(March 13), my friend Madalyne literally dragged me to Grauman's Chinese Theater for 21 Jump Street Premiere. My friend(s) know(s) that I'm not a movie person(at least not this kind of entertainment), but I promised her will celebrate my birthday(it was last month) somehow. We didn't get in time for Red Carpet(Thank God for LA traffic), so we end up watching the movie. Which is... funny. The surprise was...Johnny Deep! That's it, my lips are sealed!:))

Then it was the after-party! I couldn't wait to get at the Rolling Stone Restaurant & Lounge, where the party was held. I was hungry...! I know, that's my Romanian heritage!:))
The food was...ok! Crab cakes were delicious though!

My Martini!

May I offer you a slider? No Thanks, I hate sliders! Again me and my Romanian heritage(rude lol)
At the party were a lot of movie stars, Sony Pictures Entertainment upper management, directors, producers bla-bla-bla...! Ice Cube is a  really funny dude! I had a great time there: eating, drinking(one Martini and then water), dancing and talking with people( I had no idea who those people are).
OK, I have a Bonus! Channing Tatum smiling for my camera:

P.S. Last time I went to a movie premiere, the star was Ryan Gosling. Hot, sexy, hot, sexy...someone please stop me!:)))

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