Thursday, June 30, 2011

Chicken Schnitzel Recipe via

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Everything that reminds you of your childhood, everything that has the ability to take you back in time the moment the aroma hits your nostrils -that’s what comfort food is!
Based on where you are from comfort food means different dishes, for some is pasta, for some is fried chicken, for some is a bowl of home made chicken noodle soup and for some like me: a variety of things.   Grandma’s chicken stew or a pot of stuffed bell peppers comfort my soul just as well as some fresh chicken schnitzel.
Schnitzel is the European version of fried chicken, traditionally an Austrian dish. It can be made with chicken, pork or veal, thinly pounded, seasoned with salt and pepper then dredged in flour, egg and fresh bread crumbs (fresh bread crumbs are simply made out of dried bread that hasn’t been toasted ). Always cooked in a pan and never deep fried.
In the western side of Romania they have a specialty schnitzel made of two very thin and different layers of meat, like pork and chicken then filled with sauteed mushrooms or vegetables. You can also make a Cordon Bleu Schnitzel by stuffing cheese and ham in between the slices of meat.
Here is my basic but perfect recipe for chicken Schnitzel that I love to eat anytime, anywhere!

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Rachel Page said...

This looks delicious and relatively easy to do. Thanks for the recipe, I'm going to try it.