Monday, October 1, 2012

In-flight experience on Hawaiian Airlines

When I booked my trip to Hawaii, I chose to fly Hawaiian Airlines because  Hawaiian has never had a fatal accident in its entire history, and that was good enough for me, knowing I have some sort of fear of flying!:) Also they have great air fares from LAX to Honolulu!! How great? I paid around $350 and some change round trip! 
Both flights departed and arrived on time, actually they arrived earlier than expected. Both landings were smooth as butter. Also they still serve complimentary snack&meals on the plane, along with unusual "freebies" such as Mai Tais & wine with your dinner or breakfast. The flight attendants were very nice, unlike American Airlines. The pilots on HA10 were extra cool, so I got a chance to visit the cockpit after we landed in Los Angeles! 
On our way, we flew out in the evening. We were treated to a pau hana snack mix (cheese crackers, almonds, rice sticks, etc). Very savory, plus a drink (soda, water, etc.) They also served dinner (teriyaki chicken, rice, veggies, salad, pineapple cake). Everything tasted OK  In addition, they also gave us a complimentary glass of white or red wine. Of course it's not fancy wine, but hey, any alcohol to unwind on a 5 hour flight is a win in my book!
On our way back to LAX, we were served drinks twice and breakfast (bagel with cream cheese/guava jelly, mac nut cookie, and dried fruit mix). Everything was portioned perfectly and wasn't too heavy. For a snack, we had a Mai Tai with Maui onion chips.

Guess which airline still gives metal forks?

 The plane was completely full

Airbus A380 - world's biggest plane @ LAX


cristina said...

Good to know :)

Cat e de departe Honolulu de LA, Diana?

Diana said...

Cristina, cam 5 ore de zbor! Mai mult inspre insule ca se zboară cu vântul in fata, si mai puțin către mainland când vantul este din spate!