Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Today: Ethiopian food

An early dinner with a friend one night, to celebrate his birthday... I had no idea what Ethiopian food was like, but it sounded exotic enough, so a trip to Little Ethiopia it sounded like a good idea.
We end up at Awash Restaurant, close to Fairfax Ave & Pico Blvd. intersection. Make sure your hands are clean because you'll be eating with them!  Ethiopian food is so much fun - you tear off a piece of the injera, a spongey, slightly sour bread, and use it to grab the different dishes that come out on one huge platter.

The neighborhood looks kinda sketchy (the shops have bars, etc.).The interior decorations looked frozen in the 70s/80s. There were interesting murals of Ethiopian people, and they even had a disco ball hanging lol. But a good majority of the clients were people who I presumed were Ethiopian, so I'm gonna assume this is the real deal. If you're in the mood to step out of your food comfort zone, Ethiopian food is a good choice! 

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