Sunday, July 17, 2011

Carmageddon ends early : 405 freeway re-opened by noon-Sunday

 I was on the road yesterday-I had to be . 10 West and 10 East,101 North and 134 East. Everybody called this weekend Carmageddon, but seeing the freeway(s) empty it felt more post-apocalyptic :)) . Instead of Carmageddon I guess we had Carma-Heaven.:))
Thanks to you Angelenos and the strong construction team, the freeway opened 17 hours ahead of schedule. 
At a news conference announcing the reopening,Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa  thanked Angelenos for making an effort to stay off the road in the "car capital of America."
The city of Los Angeles will save $400,000 and the project contractors, Kiewit Infrastructure West Co. and Penhall Co., will share a bonus of $300,000 for avoiding another 12-hour shift.
Missing Carmageddon already: 'Monday is going to be be hell again'

Photo: A 405 Freeway sign thanks northbound motorists for helping to avoid the feared "Carmageddon" traffic jam scenario. The freeway reopened 17 hours early after crews demolished half of the Mulholland Drive bridge. Credit: Allen J. Schaben / Los Angeles Times

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