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10 Little Known Facts About Los Angeles Facebook Users via

Are you a resident in the City of Angels? Maybe you have given thought to going out and catching your big break in Hollywood? Are you interested in UCLA or the other universities in the city? A massive West Coast city, and second largest in the United States, is Los Angeles and their Facebook population surely follows suit. The city is renowned for many different aspects from their seemingly unbeatable Lakers to being the showbiz capital. We researched the users of Los Angeles on Facebook and came up with a variety of different interesting and fun facts about the city’s social network users.


According to the U.S. Census Bureau there is about 9,862,049 people currently living in the Los Angeles area. 6.173 million of those individuals are on Facebook. That means roughly 63% of the city is on the site. As per usual, women typically tend to prefer the site over men. Over 50% of the 9.8 million Los Angeles social networking site users are women. Additionally, 52 percent of Los Angeles Facebook users are 18 to 34.


Los Angeles hosts a variety of sports teams. They have the Lakers and the Clippers on the basketball court. They have the Kings in the hockey rink. They also have the Dodgers and the Angels on the baseball field.

The 2010 NBA Champion Los Angeles Lakers have over 226,000 fans on Facebook who are local, as opposed to the Clippers who have only about 8,000. The Lakers rivals in the finals, and throughout the season, the Boston Celtics have a surprising 14,940 fans on the site who live in Los Angeles. I bet it’s not easy sporting a Ray Allen jersey around with the way those finals turned out.

The Dodgers have the primary fanbase on Facebook out of the two baseball teams. While the Angels have over 54,000 fans who live in Los Angeles, the Dodgers are close to 125,000 fans. The Dodgers’ rivals to the north, the San Francisco Giants, have 9,740 fans residing in LA. Maybe they prefer the Southern California sunshine rather than the incessant fog in San Francisco?


Over 192,000 US graduates earned degrees from UCLA. Almost half of those graduates still reside in the Los Angeles area. About 20,000 users on the site are currently enrolled at the college, and about 30% of those will be graduating with the class of 2011. It will be interesting to see if they stay in the Los Angeles area as so many of their fellow graduates on Facebook have done.

While UCLA is a prominent college in the area, there is also many other fine academic universities around the city. One example is California State University’s Los Angeles campus. The school hosts about 2,400 Facebook users.


Print media has been said to becoming more and more of a dying breed, and based on the number of fans of the Los Angeles Times, we’d have to agree. Only about seven thousand people in the US are fans of the Los Angeles Times, and only about half are within the city. Even less than this is Los Angeles magazine with only about 1400 fans in the country.

Movies and Television

It is good to see governor Arnold Schwarzenegger getting some love in his hometown state. His movie, Predator, has about 6,200 fans on the site who live in LA. It is only unfortunate that Kindergarten Cop didn’t do so well with just over 300 fans.

Entourage, is one of the biggest premium television shows shot and based around Los Angeles. Surprisingly, only about .2% of LA residents list themselves as fans of the show. Doubling the fan base of the show, is another Los Angeles centered premium channel show, Californication. The show has about 22,000 L.A.-based fans on Facebook. Maybe the public just prefers Hank Moody over Vincent Chase?


With sunny skies being the primary forecast in the Southern California city, it must not always sit well for the almost 16,000 local fans of the rain.


The original Tommy’s burger place that opened in Los Angeles has only about 10,000 fans who live in the city. The bigger chain, In-N-Out Burger, has about five times more local fans. It appears the chain from up the coast is winning in the city.


Los Angeles is one of the largest cities in the US, and their population on the site follows that pattern as well. While there is still a decent number in the city not on the networking site, having over six million profiles from the area definitely makes Los Angeles a large Facebook city.

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